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Do distant stars still exist or are they just images?

This question might sound quite odd and is a mix of philosophy and physics. Suppose we observe a star that is 50 million lightyears away, and suppose it is a type of star that has a lifespan of only ...
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Is time not perceivable without motion or change?

As kind of a chicken or the egg question, does motion come before time? Doesn’t motion allow time to exist and no motion negate time from existing? If everything in the universe were completely frozen ...
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Are the mass ,diameter and age of the Universe absolute quantities?

Mass of the observable Universe is known to be 1.50×10^53 kg. Age is approximately known to be 13.7 billion years. Universe is a sphere with diameter 8.8X 10^26 m. Mass,Length intervals and Time ...
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Would an external observer be the absolute reference frame for all the motion within the universe?

I dont know if this question belongs on the physics SE or here but I'll take a punt within philosophy. Observers within the universe all move relative to one another. Take any two Observers A and B ...
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Are there any philosophical implications to slow light? [closed]

I know this is a question and I am not forming any arguments to my question. I am just after some further information. I know the application of slow light can have use in the communication industry ...
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