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Can we take responsibility without having moral responsibility for some things?

Taking responsibility is distinguished from being morally responsible in that, if one takes responsibility for a particular outcome it does not follow that one is morally responsible for that outcome. ...
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What do we mean by 'obligation'?

I've been thinking about what we mean by obligation, and I've come up with the following: What is an obligation? It is clear that obligation cannot be anything to do with being coerced by someone ...
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1 vote
4 answers

Does all moral blame imply moral responsibility?

note that almost all philosophical discussions of blame ignore (or mention only to set aside) the form of blame sometimes characterized as causal or explanatory responsibility (Kenner 1967; Hart 1968; ...
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According to Kant, are bad consequences of permitted actions imputable to the agent?

According to Kant, can permitted actions have culpable consequences? bad consequences are not imputable to the agent who acts dutifully Does that mean bad consequences are not "imputable" ...
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When is someone culpable for being tricked

Hypothetical and odd scenario. Person A is tricked into thinking person B is threatening them, and so destroys both their lives. Person A can very easily check if it's real, but refuses to. Person B ...
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