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Questions tagged [rule-of-law]

Rule of Law ( is a topic in philosophy of law. Broadly formulated, it is an attempt to establish justice by the equal application of rules to everyone. There are, of course, disagreements of what constitutes it and normative questions regarding its application.

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Why is it that the precedent of breaking a bad law might weaken the force, and lead to discretionary violation of those which are good?

It's an opinion expressed by Thomas Paine in his book 'Rights of Man'.
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Is punishment necessary to right an injustice?

I am usually against the idea of punishment and think of the state and law as a means of social control rather than desert etc.. But do certain unfair acts - perhaps not necessarily the most evil, but ...
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Why are humans and AI often treated differently in cases where they perform nearly identical processes?

With respect to AI, some people appear to have an objection to the idea of feed[ing an] AI with other people's works and then claim[ing] all the output as yours. Let's create the following ...
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Why is it justified to break a "bad" law because it's bad?

Consider for example Piracy. Many people justify piracy of academic books by certain popular publisher based on the fact that these publishers don't give any money to the people who actually create ...
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Could personal law really be defended through the fact that it is personal?

Let's suppose there is a preventative personal law, say that of consuming some drug , or practicing sexualities, then, a possible arguement set by those who are against it would be, the preventative ...
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Why is the rule of the law so easily damaged or broken?

Why is the rule of law so difficult to keep once established? Is it because of the limitation of law, or something to do with human emotions and behavior? We cannot break laws of nature, but law made ...
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