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What exactly is duality?

As a novice in philosophy, I haven't read all the material available on the subject of duality but I find it fascinating for both its profound simplicity and for being responsible for my brain telling ...
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Negative meaning in Structuralism

I have a hard time understanding the concept of "negative meaning" in linguistic Structuralism (Saussure). Their proposition is that signs don't have meaning by themselfes but only within ...
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Is there anything on early to mid Foucault and structuralism?

Is there anything on early to mid Foucault and structuralism? I've just started The Archeology of Knowledge, meant to be I think the bookend of his early writings, and he is going to some lengths to ...
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Have I got Saussure's distinction between the form and substance right?

I've read several texts on the topic but I'm still not sure whether I got the concept right. Saussure says that language is a form, not substance. I understand that as saying that language is closer ...
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Saussure and idealism

If terms are arbitrary designations like Saussure says then does semantic idealism [language does not refer beyond itself] not collapse into scepticism?
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Can we have a theory of the colour blue in a Popperian sense?

Saussure in his theory of signs declared that there was no necessary connection between the semantic value of a word and its phonetic sign: the sign 'dog' signifies the physical dog, but in principle (...
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