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What is the difference between Qualia theory, Sense-datum theory and Representationalism?

According to survey from 2020 Representationalism has the most supporters, Qualia theory not so much and Sense-datum has only 5%. All of these theories can be classified as Indirect realism as far as ...
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‘Libet’s delay’ and the philosophy of mind and free will

If you are not familiar with Libet delay and the neuroscience of free will, you can read it below. It seems philosophers are interested in the topic since it relates to the philosophical notions of ...
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Math, semantic meaning, and human senses as ungrounded

(1) Let's say I understand how one section of math behaves, maybe the natural numbers, and all of math is connected such that any one section of math can be interchanged for any other (my naive, ...
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Did Kant ever explain why “senses do not err” when it comes to optical illusions?

Still less may we take appearance and illusion for one and the same. For truth and illusion are not in the object, insofar as it is intuited, but in the judgment about it insofar as it is thought. ...
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How did Wittgenstein "cure" Anscombe of phenomenalism?

In "Collected Philosophical Papers Volume 2: Metaphysics and the Philosophy of Mind", Elizabeth Anscombe wrote the following: I always hated phenomenalism and felt trapped by it. I couldn’t ...
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Does sensory information exist, and do philosophers have a name for it?

Are there really sensory sensations such as sight, hearing, tactile sensations, smell, taste, and umami? In other words, are those sensations or sense-data real, and if they are not real physically, ...
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