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The implication if we discovered that natural abiogenesis is statistically nearly impossible

If we were to discover somehow that (sentient) life was so unlikely that it were almost impossible that it forms even once in the whole universe, does that imply anything about creation e.g.? My logic ...
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Could general-AI language generation be a test for sentience, sapience, or consciousness?

One of the oft-cited examples of how to test if Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligent (often expanded to sentient) is the Turing test. Simply, an AI or machine passes the Turing test if it can ...
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The Leibniz - Turing Dilemma

The Turing Test is basically the idea that when (a) computer and a human can't be differentiated, that computer is an AI. Identity of Indiscernibles boils down to if A is indistinguishable from B then ...
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What is the difference between appearing to be sentient and able to make personal subjective statements and being sentient

It is not long that some will suppose AI has become alive but we must question, what is the difference between appearing sentient and able to act out of one's own will and able to make personal ...
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With how much certainty can one define something as alive and sentient,or inanimate and non-sentient?

From what I can tell, it seems that the qualifiers for something to be considered living are based on biological criteria, with the limits of observation, being entirely based on spatial order of ...
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Can a Philosophical Zombie realize that itself has no Qualia?

So, ok, it's by definition impossible for an outsider to spot a philosophical zombie, but could a philosophical zombie introspectively look inside itself and realize that it has no qualia?
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What methods have been proposed to identify sentience in an AI?

It is in the news that google has suspended a software engineer for violating confidentiality policies after sought "outside consultation" over concerns the AI he was working on is sentient. ...
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Does the possession of mind imply sentience and vice versa?

Definitions I'm aware that there are differences in usage for 'sentience', 'consciousness', and 'awareness' as broadly covered (PhilSE) So: This question considers 'sentience' as the ability to have ...
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What would be the first indication that an Artificial Intelligence Entity (AIE) has become sentient?

... that you would believe! As far as I know, we really don't have something akin to a Turing Test for sentience. A blinded test where a human can't differentiate between a human and a machine really ...
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Definition of a "sense"

Besides the five basic senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch) there is also, for example, the sense of balance. While it may seem that this one is not really about perceiving the external world ...
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What is the theory of defining consciousness by the ability to use counterfactuals called?

I'm aware there are a number of ways of defining if something is conscious or sentient. Such as the ability to experience qualia, or the ability to be aware you're experiencing qualia. Another theory ...
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If you know something has the potential to be sentient is it unethical to intentionally prevent it from gaining sentience?

In Star Trek TNG, TOS and Voyager they at some point debate what sentience is and what makes a person a person. Picard with Data/Moriarty, Janeway with The Doctor/holos, Kirk and Spock with the Horta ...
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How are the actions of conscious beings interpreted in terms of cause and effect?

When there's inanimate objects such as two billiard balls, we determine that ball C is the cause of Ball D's movement if C collides with D and shoves it. In addition, because ball C is an inanimate ...
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Should the debate about the ethics of meat consumption focus around sentience and the ability to suffer?

I have been reading a little bit about the problem of consuming meat ethically. As much as I find the ethical argument compelling I have some reservations regarding the inconsistency with which it ...
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What Qualifies Sentience?

If there is a non-sentient being, (e.g. A Non-Player Character in a video game), who understands what sentience is, and is aware that they are not sentient, does that make them, in fact, sentient? ...
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Can a omni-God exist (under the premise that sentience and being an omni-God are incompatible) [closed]

Let us for the sake of convenience name this supremely powerful entity God and define him/her as an omnipotent, omniscient and prescient immortal being. Now, in the essence of things, God cannot be ...
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What would Dawkins say about other minds?

If asked questions about other minds, how would/does he respond, and does/would he nest his response in physical science and reductionist/determinist models? Does he say that their existence is easily ...
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Is not sensing "like" something

is not sensing e.g. a colour like something? i'm slightly colour blind, and i can assure you that i "see" all colours. of course i'm seeing something people will full colour vision can see. but if ...
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Does sapience require sentience?

Dictionaries are very terse on the subject, and I don't really know where else to look. English.SE closed my question as too opinion-based, I can't blame them really. The words don't seem to be very ...
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Man's Relation to AI vs. God's Relation to Man

I have been a hacker and programmer since I was 14 and I have done advanced education and research in Artificial Intelligence. We all know that we do not yet have a computer entity that is "truly" ...
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What are the differences between sentience, consciousness and awareness?

Dictionary definitions such as this one often seem to use the terms sentience, awareness, and consciousness as if they are synonymous with each other. Is this really the case? If not, how do they ...
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Can artificially intelligent machines ever become sentient?

To those posting opinionated comments or answers (i.e. not factual research), please first describe your perspective of sentience and artificially intelligent machines - this is not the same as their ...
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How satisfactory is the idea that software creates or leads to sentience?

Researchers including Synthetic Genomics have made incredible advances, but in doing so, have also made a powerful philosophical contribution to how we (as ordinary people) view life itself. We now ...
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What are the minimum necessary and sufficient conditions for something to be considered sentient?

The answer to Could a sentient machine suffer? suggests that The ability to suffer would not seem to be a necessary condition for sentience This made me wonder what the minimum necessary and ...
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At what point can a being be said to have gained sentience?

It's pretty much universally accepted that healthy humans have sentience, but that's where the agreement stops. Many would say that complex animals have sentience, such as dogs, cats, cows, sheep, ...
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