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Is it possible to simulate a reality like ours using other logic than classical logic?

Are there alternative logical systems that could serve as a foundation for simulating a reality similar to ours, given that non-classical logics such as paraconsistent logic, while applicable in ...
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What is a functional relationship?

By a "functional relationship" I mean "the way" a part of a system interacts with the rest of the system. In a certain sense it "doesn't matter" how the part of the ...
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Must the simulation argument assume there are other human-civilizations in our universe?

The simulation argument by Nick Bostrom seems to take for granted that there are (or will be) many other human-level civilizations in our universe. For example the first of the three options in the ...
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What's the motivation for organisms to reproduce (in a natural-selection simulation)?

I'm currently working on a neuro-evolution genetic algorithm where I create small organisms with simple neural networks which can move around a 2d space with randomly distributed food. I spawn a bunch ...
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How to distinguish the species of „real“ persons from the species of simulated persons?

Today I learned from an academic talk given by Prof. Gilles Brassard (Montreal): In the context of artificial intelligence one discusses not only civilizations (level 1) which are simulated by ...
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Why does Nick Bostrom's simulation argument use "close to zero" rather than just "zero"?

Edited to make the question clearer Nick Bostrom’s Simulation Argument can effectively be reduced to just two options: Either (1) close to zero civilisations reach a post-human stage and run many ...
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