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In a situational deontic logic, is a permission with no alternative degenerate?

Relativize issues of permissibility to situations, so that we would say things like, "In situation S, it is permitted that P." Let PMA = "It is permitted that A," and OBA = "...
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What is the doctrine of using violence to preserve peace called?

What is the correct way to describe the philosophy on the subject of 'war to make peace' or 'justification of short-term violence on the road to long-term peace'. Si vis pacem, para bellum is another ...
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What should you do in this situation?

You've been on a cruise for two days when there's an accident that forces everyone on board to abandon ship. During the evacuation, one of the boats is damaged, leaving it with a hole that fills it ...
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On the ethicality of "inventing" a product you've heard of by travelling back in time and launching it there

Say Alice invents a new product and launches it. Bob has a time machine. Let's assume he can go to the past and his actions change the course of events after this moment in the past. (Very ...
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Guy Debord - society of spectacle - thesis 3

I'm reading the book by Guy Debord, "society of spectacle". I think it's quite known, but it's difficult to read! In thesis number 3, he talks about a so called process of "unification". Can someone ...
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Can we apply the ideas of The Society of the Spectacle to the Facebook era?

In The Society of the Spectacle, Debord contextualises the Modern life in his fourth thesis: When Debord says that “All that was once directly lived has become mere representation,” he is referring ...
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