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Are algorithms on the internet going to 'completely' remove any sort of common ground to discuss and share 'objective' knowledge in the future?

I always try to self-analyze whenever I am doing deep research on the internet, and it seems to me that Google usually gives me topics that seem to be in direct views as of my own. I understand that I ...
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Is there something "morally weird" about social media sites with downvote functions?

I was thinking of the democracy-theoretic reason for the function here or on Reddit (the main examples I can think of at the moment), but then I remembered: When we vote for political officers, we ...
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What topics of philosophy should I study to understand the dialectics of societies?

I am new to this site, it will be really helpful if you can help me with tags. I live in an area which is a socially, morally and intellectually very backward part of the world, although materially ...
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Does Critical Theories (CRT, Queer Studies etc.) come from the Frankfurt school or post-modernism?

I know post colonial studies which is a critical theory began with Orientalism which uses Foucault's concept of discourse. But also Frankfurt School is widely credited with finding critical theory ...
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Philosophy of social motivations

There is a certain philosophy that social status seeking motivations stand in opposition to finding out the truth. A social-status-motivated person will look first at status markers on arguments, ...
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What comes after capitalism?

Many social philosophers have expressed a desire to end capitalism as the dominant mode of production. However, I take it as an unavoidable fact of nature that labor of some form is necessary. Humans, ...
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Victim blaming in violent crimes

After a recent court case where two men were convicted of torturing, raping and eventually killing a young woman, a lot of victim blaming went on in the media and in many private conversations. I ...
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Should we place our own good before our nation's good? [closed]

I'm currently writing a screenplay, and one of the philosophical themes arises out of a very specific conflict, with I call: INDIVIDUAL BENEFIT vs STATE BENEFIT. One of the characters sacrifices ...
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How did Ivan Illich reconcile his dislike of academia with having been the vice rector of a university for years?

Did Ivan Illich apologize for being part of the Catholic University of Puerto Rico or his subsequent teaching at different universities? At some point he formed the opinion that schools cannot not ...
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Is there a fundamental difference between hypothetical explanations in sociology and natural sciences?

According to Explanandum and Explanans on Wikipedia: An explanandum (a Latin term) is a sentence describing a phenomenon that is to be explained, and the explanans are the sentences adduced as ...
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Is social status a real thing?

Is social status a real thing? Why is it real? Particularly, since some people may claim a status system of a different kind, but then again some may (through argumentation) recognize same status ...
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US and Europe social differences based on philosophical views

(English is not my native language so I probably won't be able correctly to express the question... please bear with me). From time to time, I've heard or read that some of the social differences one ...
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What is the relationship between conceptual engineering and social change?

I am currently doing research on the relationship between projects in conceptual engineering and actual, realized, social change. Of primary interest to me is how, for instance, Haslanger's ...
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Socially constructed vs socially constituted

What's the difference between the phrases "socially constructed" and "socially constituted"? In a number of books I have read, it seems we should be able to distinguish ways in which things like ...
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Name of French Social Scientist and Theory where life has five domains

I read of a french social scientist who believed life could be separated into five spheres, in which so many "points" (so much time) could be spent into each. From what I vaguely remember, the ...
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Like newspaper and television, how internet can become a massive tool of information manipulation and control over the people? [closed]

As per the trend we see, any type of system in this world, ultimately gets corrupted. Leading to a final particular state, where power remains on top and rest on the bottom. No matter it's religious ...
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What are the philosophical roots of the current American parenting style?

A light hearted question: As a parent of two young children, I struggle with the current mainstream American parenting and educational style which is typically parodied (rightfully so) as the "...
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Preventable and Non Preventable Crimes

What kind of crime is preventable or non-preventable by a government? And what reasonings to justify it. Committing a crime is a choice by the criminal but preventing the criminal could be the ...
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What is the relationship between the rhizome and the body without organs?

I am in the middle of A Thousand Plateaus and considering the relationship between rhizome and body without organs. One thought I had is that they both take part in the constitution of relationships ...
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Would it be immoral to duplicate food to resolve world hunger, if food and recipes were copyrighted?

In today's world, copyrighted digital content is considered illegal by most nation's law, and immoral by some as stealing. Digital Content is duplicated through millions of 1's and 0's. There is no ...
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Why do we naturally regard the unfamiliar as ridiculous?

(Since there is no Psychology.SE, Ph.SE seemed like the best place to ask this question.) I have noticed that when a person is presented with an unfamiliar idea, the default reaction is often to ...
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How to be a good critic?

How can we be a good critic when facing people's rigid beliefs? I'm interested in how to attack (logically) their dogmatic beliefs to have a "good" influence on their minds, because if we just attack ...
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If the "right to life" is denied in abortion, isn't it also denied in the use of the death penalty?

Many people who support death penalty are also against abortion, and vice-versa. What is the moral difference between the two? In both cases, isn't the "right to life" of another being violated? ...
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Are the unexamined lives of others worth examining?

Socrates continually admonished his interlocutors to become more introspective, arguing passionately for self-examination: The unexamined life is not worth living. But an examined life is painful, ...
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