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Studies exploring the rationale of gender equality

I've been trying to find books&other scientific material that mentions why the gender equality is important and should be achieved. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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If everything is theory laden, how can one argue against climate change deniers?

Per Quine's results from "Two Dogmas of Empiricism", the Duhem-Quine thesis, and later results such as those of Kuhn and Feyerabend, all empirical observations are theory laden. Even widely accepted ...
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How is Society shaped?

I'm interested in what shapes society? Yes, individuals shape society and society shapes the individual, but I want more detailed analysis. My humble take is: Culture is the most important thing that ...
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What will humanity do IF and when technological progression ends? [closed]

Humans are always looking for the next big thing and since science is everything; much of what humans are amazed by have some basis in science. We aren’t sure if technology will end; but if it does; ...
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Is there a modern, secular argument for the soul?

In modern times it is common to think the soul is a religious belief. Even though the original arguments for the soul were not religious (e.g. Plato and Aristotle, and more recently Descartes, ...
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What makes moral realism so popular a standpoint?

According to wikipedia page on moral realism: A survey from 2009 involving 3,226 respondents found that 56% of philosophers accept or lean towards moral realism (28%: anti-realism; 16%: other). ...
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Can you explain clearly the difference between race and ethnicity?

I have tried to look it up but most definitions usually don't make the difference crystal-clear. Many results on Google give overlapping definitions. What my understanding is is that race is rooted in ...
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Has anyone suggested a modern substitute for mythology?

Several authors have mentioned that mythology play a central role in human societies, satisfying various social and psychological needs and giving meaning and a spiritual dimension to people's lives. (...
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Can religion be considered obsolete? [closed]

Can religion be considered obsolete and in practice an obstacle to the rise of science and reason? I think that religion is the outdated mode of existence, governance, and education of social ...
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Can society exist without hierarchy?

If we consider "a society" to be a group of individuals within the same species who cooperate for the benefit of the group as a whole, then it is reasonable to say that all human societies are ...
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What is the intrinsic difference between freedom of speech and freedom of deeds?

What are philosophical reasons for approving of freedom of speech but not of freedom of deeds? If teasing the others by speech is allowed, why not by deeds? If freedom of deeds is wrong, then why ...
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Is Baudrillard's "Simulacra and Simulation" just the "Allegory of the Cave"?

Am I missing something or is Baudrillard's "Simulacra and Simulation" just a wordy "Allegory of the Cave"? To expand, reality is "crowdsourced", patterns occur, and we ...
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Is Durkheimian critique of Kantian understanding of space and time valid?

In one chapter in The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life and in paper Primitive classification (Mauss also), Durkheim critiques Kantian a priori pure forms of sensibility: space and time; on basis,...
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What are some sociological considerations to understands mathematics culture?

One could argue that, fundamentally, mathematics is a sociological process, as the backbone of mathematics is that of the mathematic proof, and the mathematic proof of a statement, at least as used in ...
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Philosophy of Synergy and Collaboration [closed]

So I'm trying to study sociology and the science of human collaboration. Are there particularly throrogh books on this topic that anyone knows of? And indeed I am looking mainly at the philosophy ...
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Is biological ancestry distinct from race? [closed]

This is not a question about genetics or biology. I am interested in understanding the meaning of race from a sociological perspective. Please focus your answer on the case I give for ancestry and ...
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Is society deliberately limiting opportunities for a segment of the population to provide workers? [closed]

Whether deliberate or not, given that society needs people to do unpleasant jobs, there must be a way to induce people to take such jobs. People who do such jobs do not make enough money to educate ...
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