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Sources of Pythagoras' quotes

I have learned that there are many quotes attributed to Pythagoras. I am concerned with what the sources are and how reliable they are. I'll appreciate help.
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Does anyone know which source Anthony Kenny used for Parmenides in A History of Western Philosophy?

Reading his textbook, his extracts of Parmenides are much more readable than the other translations I've come across, but he only seems to source them by Diels-Kratz number! In case anyone recognises ...
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Did Ibsen originate this statement?

In an article I am writing, I am using a quotation from the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, who wrote in what is effectively Danish: "Ak ja, retten, retten; hvad hjælper det, at du har retten, ...
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Hierocles and Pythagorean Library

In Pythagorean Library, a complete collection of the surviving fragments from the Pythagoreans, the initials fragments are those that belong to Hierocles, and in several of them, between parentheses — ...
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When did Walter Benjamin say "We collect books in the belief that we are preserving them when in fact it is the books that preserve their collector"?

In for instance this source, it is stated that Walter Benjamin once said or wrote the following: "We collect books in the belief that we are preserving them when in fact it is the books that ...
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Sources for possible take on the Timaeus

In Rabbi Judah HaLevi's Sefer HaKuzari (Book of the Khazar) he states in 1:63: The Rabbi: There is an excuse for the Philosophers. Being Grecians, science and religion did not come to them as ...
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The joy of resolving a philosophical doubt

In his entry on Epicureanism in the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, David Sedley wrote: "There are mental as well as bodily kinetic pleasures, for example, (perhaps) the 'joy' of resolving ...