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If something is temporally and spatially vague, then can it be individuated by its absence?

1 If something is temporally and spatially vague, then can it become nothing? I am thinking that it cannot be entirely individuated from its absence while it exists, because e.g. the space where it ...
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How many dimensions does time have?

As phrased in the title, How many dimensions does time have? If one considers time by itself (in isolation from other putative phenomena such as space or spacetime), what can be said about the ...
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Is consciousness fundamental to the universe?

In January 2023, Entropy published a paper entitled "Fusions of Consciousness" by Hoffman, Prakash and Prentner. They propose that consciousness is fundamental to the universe, rather than ...
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The concept of time - arrow, pattern or both?

Time is treated in Relativistic Physics as a pattern of events laid out in a continuum. In philosophy it is usually related to change which physicists partly understand as "time's arrow". ...
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Would an external observer be the absolute reference frame for all the motion within the universe?

I dont know if this question belongs on the physics SE or here but I'll take a punt within philosophy. Observers within the universe all move relative to one another. Take any two Observers A and B ...
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Loops in logic and reasoning of TIME

My question is more specific about time. Say what is time -time is a measure of changed(rate of change) but how do you measure time - by measuring something which is changing (movement of clocks or ...
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Is special relativity immune to the paradox of Achilles?

According to the entry "Proper Time" in Wikipedia, for an object in a SR spacetime traveling with velocity v for a time interval Δ T c2Δ T 2 = c2 Δτ2 + v 2 Δ T2, where Δ T is the coordinate ...
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Does the Universe have a boundary? [closed]

We see that the Universe is also called (sky) when Aristotle talks about it. But I thought about it and I came to the conclusion when someone asked the question about my belief in what Aristotle said ...
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What is the "fabric" of spacetime if it is not a relational entity?

This is an interdisciplinary (philosophical physics) question. In Newton's absolute spacetime model, spacetime is described as a physical entity. However, in the relational spacetime model (supported ...
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