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Is 't Hooft cellular automaton compatible with Floridi's Informational (Structural) Realism?

Informational (Structural) Realism (by Luciano Floridi) relates to digital physics ideas ( As Floridi himself says in one of his articles (http://philsci-...
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Inferring underlying codes from surface manifestations - who said it?

In Anthony Giddens' The Constitution of Society, page 16, he writes: As conceptualized in structuralist and post-structuralist thought, on the other hand, the notion of structure is more interesting. ...
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Is 'in re' structuralism a non-eliminative theory in mathematical structuralism?

As far as I understand it the definitions are: Non-eliminative structuralists believe that talk of structures is ontologically committed to the existence of abstract structures. In re structuralism ...
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Would Carl Jung be considered a postmodernist?

All of Jung's colleagues were modernists, primarily because postmodernism wasn't around yet; they were all Freudian, and, as such, followed the Oedipal grand narrative. Jung, however, had a completely ...
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Mathematical structuralism and Saussure

Is mathematical structuralism related with structuralism that arose from Saussurean linguistics?
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According to the theory of structural functionalism, what causes social disequilibrium?

I understand that the basic premise of structural functionalism is that social institutions serve the function of maintaining social stability and promoting social solidarity, but I don't understand ...
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What is the difference between operatic, operative, and operational from Baudrillard's Simulacra and Simulation?

The following is the conclusion from the chapter Simulacra and Science Fiction. I did not understand it, and such a specific categorization seemed unusual to me. I was hoping someone might be able to ...
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Is it possible to reconcile the Enlightenment with post-modernism especially the work of Derrida?

I am referring to Derrida's response to Sokal where he claims his work does not criticize the Enlightenment. However, given the enlightenment promoted the attitude that there existed truths, which ...
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How popular are anti-mimetic theories of literature, and with whom?

How popular are anti-mimetic theories of literature, and with whom? A bad but clear example of supposed mimesis, in writing, is the idea that 'cow' is a slow and irritating word, because of its ...
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What is ontic structural realism about?

Ontic SR claims that unobservable entities do not exist, but we can still know the structure of the universe. So what are the corresponding structural (scientific) theories actually about? Can we ...
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