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Enantiodromia--How Do Symbols Undergo an Inversion of Meaning?

I am looking for writings in philosophy, semiotics, or psychology that deal with the shifts and ultimately the inversion of practical meaning in symbols. This would be something like Orwell's concept ...
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Is a letter of the alphabet considered something?

Can a letter of the alphabet be considered a thing, or something? I know that a letter can be used to symbolize something, but the symbolization doesn’t make it so. As an example, the letter U is the ...
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What is the nature of the term 'variable', and is it used differently in math, computer science, and logic?

Say I'm given an expression and talk about x changing what do we really mean by this linguistically? What inferences can be drawn about the nature of variables from their practical usage? When we talk ...
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Are there visual symbols from ancient Greece that symbolize infinity?

I thought meander ornaments symbolize infinity, but I can't find any citable evidence of this. Are there any other visual symbols that are originally from ancient Greece?
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Use of the term "diabolism" in philosophy or critical/systems theory

This is mainly just a reference question. I seem to recall long ago encountering the term "diabolism" in some social theoretical writings, used not in any theological sense but in its ...
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