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Multiple interpretations of the same syntax in mathematics?

Mathematics are doing a very odd usage of syntax and semantics. Let's take a wikipedia page as an example : Here we have a syntax which is given, and ...
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Is "This sentence is written in English" nonsense?

Wittgenstein and many others have said that our language gives the appearance of truth to some nonsense. Do you think the very simple "This sentence is written in English." is such nonsense ...
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What's with philosophers and their use of quotation marks?

I'm reading Hofstadter and Quine at the same time and this is deep. An explanation: The logician's use of "quotations" in sentences like this one would suggest that a quoted phrase is ...
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If syntax isn’t semantics, will we abandon syntax one day to tackle the first person perspective? [closed]

Say by building experience machines once we learn how brains better work. If syntax isn’t semantics, we will never write down a depiction of the first person subjective perspective, where semantics ...
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Can something be both a type and a token?

I wonder, can something be both a type and a token (in reference to the type-token distinction in philosophy)? For example, an individual dog is a token of the type of dog, but the type of dog is ...
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Are implementations to semiotics what proofs are to syntax, and models to semantics?

I see this term implementation and its family used here and there in writings on set theory. There are implementations of natural numbers, of ordered pairs, of functions, of "mathematics in ...
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The Indexicality of "Ask this question?"

I was messing around with liar and similar sentences, and noticed a recurring issue with indexical quarantine with respect to the examples at stake. Meaning that something seemed to "go wrong&...
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Font/typeface color, calligrams, and the syntax-semantics distinction

There is a set of books by the author Mark Z. Danielewski, that features a very irregular (but not necessarily absolutely unique) style. For example, in his debut novel, the word house (and ...
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Are There Finitary Logical Constraints on Converting Recursive Syntax to Semantics?

From the logical standpoint can we continue these series on and on and still be able to make sense of it? 1. I know <--- no problem 2. I know ...
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What is the difference between syntax, semantics and pragmatics?

I would be interested to find more about the way semantics intertwines with pragmatics. Naturally, I associate semantics with more conventional theories like Russell`s as opposed to Gricean ...
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