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Adapting "exotic" quantifiers to deontic-temporal logic

For me, so far, expressions like "it is to be done sometimes" vs. "it is always to be done" seem like they could well-map to "ought" and "must." At first, this ...
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Is there a counterpart of "merely possible"/"merely permissible" in temporal logic?

It might not be too bad to say that, in modal and deontic logic, possibility and permissibility are like "ground states," having the lowest "logical energy." At least we think ...
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Can 𝐅𝐑 be taken for a deontic negation operator (rather than just a specified negation of 𝐎𝐁)?

Presuppositions of the question: beliefs about the ambient structure of negation: I was rethinking the following in light of questions about supervenience, grounding, alterity, and identity: A ...
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Can the binary relations 'is-currently' and 'can-become' be defined using set theory?

In another thread, I asked for a proof that ⊢∀x[x=x] ∨ ⊢ ~∀x[x=x], and I discovered I could prove it if I have two binary relations in the language: Undefined Binary Relations: is-currently, can-...
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Do statements have an intrinsic, unchanging truth value, even when currently unknown, or can they have different truth values at different times?

Example: I state that a coin will come up heads, then flip it. While the coin is flipping, does the statement 'the coin I just flipped will come up heads' have a truth value? Based on my ...
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