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Debunking Leibniz Best Possible World Theodicy

everybody. I recently got to come discover Leibnitz's solution regarding "the best possible world". The whole argumentation really feel off to me, but I am not so knowledgeable of the matter ...
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How do adherents to Plantinga's "free-will defense" against the problem of evil explain that God is free and immune to moral evil at the same time?

The free-will defense is an argument commonly attributed to Alvin Plantinga, who developed it as a response to the logical problem of evil. However, in developing this argument Plantinga unwittingly ...
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Is there any ackonowledgement and solution for the objection raised on ontological argument using problem of evil?

Ontological Argument, in its initial verison as presented by Anselm of Canterbury is as follows, The first ontological argument in Western Christian tradition[i] was proposed by Saint Anselm of ...
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How rational "God permitting the killing of children as a greater good " defense"?

According to the Quran 18:65–82, Moses meets a man(called the Servant of God) Moses asks for permission to accompany the Servant of God so Moses can learn "right knowledge of what he hasbeen ...
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Are there any reasons why a religious believer would want to avoid a theodicy?

A theodicy responds to the problem of evil which objects the existence of God, so it appears that a religious believer should want to devise a theodicy. however, there must be good reasons why ...
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Interpretation of an existentialist quotation by Camus

In *The Plague*, Rieux, the main character of Albert Camus's novel in Chapter 15 says: I've seen too much of hospitals to relish any idea of collective punishment. What does he mean by this? How ...
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What types of arguments are these arguments about the problem of evil?

As an agnostic I've take an interest in watching debates on theodicy (the problem of evil, both the agnostic/atheist charges and the Christian answer). Usually the debates aren't fully satisfying ...
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How many types of theodicy are possible?

For the sake of this question I define a theodicy as an attempt to see how three Christian ideas fit together: God is holy. God made everything. Sin exists. Three candidates: 1a. A theodicy ...
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Kant and Theodicy

I am looking for some general overview on Immanuel Kant's theodicy. I need resources, such as an SEP page, on the topic of Kant's theodicy. Did Kant discuss theodicy at all? What possible ...
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Logical error in Augustinian theodicy

In Confessions, book 7 chapter XII, St. Augustine writes: If things are sovereignly good, they are incorruptible. If a thing is corruptable, it contains good. Evil is either an incorruptible ...
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Does the presence of free-will allow for the possibility of evil in a world with a benevolent God?

The Problem of Evil is to understand how God can allow evil in the world if He is omni-benevolent (all-good), as someone who is all-good would not knowingly allow evil to occur where they could ...
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Why is The Grand Inquisitor from Dostoyevsky's The Brothers Karamazov considered to be such a powerful argument for atheism?

Upon reading this chapter in the Brothers Karamazov I find myself confused as to why TGI is considered to be such a powerful argument for atheism and against theodicy. The chapter itself seems to ...
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How does John Hick's reform of Irenaean theodicy differ from the original?

I'm revising this for my RS exam and though I understand the underlying concepts of Irenaean theodicy but I don't understand how Hick's theodicy is different (other than rejecting Augustine, I believe)...
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Does punishment from god contradict the idea of free will?

In various religions it is often preached that god has given humans free will. But at the same time those religions preach that there is punishment for sinning. Assuming a god does exist, and god ...
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