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Are MUH and IIT compatible

I really like Integrated Information Theory (IIT), i just discovered Mathematical universe hypothesis (MUH) i also feel pretty open to this idea i only wonder if there compatible since IIT disproves ...
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What is the "object of knowledge" in Buddhist theory of mind?

While reading The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh about mindfulness, I came upon this paragraph: "Remember that the subject of knowledge cannot exist independently from the ...
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Consciousness and computation

What are the links that are proposed between consciousness and computation? I.e. what are the theories of how computation creates consciousness?
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Can minds be uploaded in computers?

The idea runs around of loading minds up in computers. It's a recurring theme in SF culture and thought about the technological possibilities in the future. We can read on Wikipedia: Mind uploading, ...
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Collaboration without communication?

Is there any name for the hypothesis that likely minded actors can build and successfully execute a strategy that leads to their mutual win-win, without having any ability to communicate directly? I ...
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What is the best reason to object a pure theory-theory of mind reading (one that relies exclusively on a folk psychological theory)?

The theory-theory contends that when we attribute beliefs to others in order to explain and predict their behaviour (mind read) we use a a folk psychological theory. What is a good reason to object ...
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What do philosophers mean when they say language has a psychological reality?

I came across this in trying to understand 'Ignorance of Language' by Michael Devitt, and the back and forth he has had around this topic with other philosophers. Any books (papers?) I can look at to ...
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Methods for telling how another creature is feeling

Assuming that there are different "beings" in this world, and that those beings have something like "emotions" (those are two big pills to swallow, I know), how do you tell whether a particular being ...
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What does "theory of mind" mean in the context of this paper?

In my mind - pun intended - a/the theory of mind refers to some proposed solution to the mind body problem, e.g. Cartesian Dualism is a theory of mind, Functionalism is a theory of mind, etc... This ...
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