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2 answers

What other thinking frameworks are there that are useful, other than function-like thinking?

Studying math and computer science has wired my brain to the mode of analysis that treats phenomena as functions, or, relations between inputs and outputs. But I started to feel like there is ...
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How does thinking take place? [closed]

Thinking is done by and in the mind. The mind is not the brain. The mind is a communication and control system between the spirit (soul) and its environment. In order to achieve this, it uses the ...
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If the brain can't think, what does? [closed]

I often read in philosophical discussions (in here and elsewhere) the word "brain" connected to higher level human functions, like thought, even consciousness. If this was a scientific place,...
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7 votes
3 answers

Is the bivalence in classical logic just black or white thinking?

So I was talking to my therapist and we started talking about how I accept classical logic. I explained that it relied on bivalence, the belief that propositions only have one truth value, they are ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Is self-awareness necessary to consciousness?

In the act of thought, we often distinguish between the thinking itself and the awareness that 'I am thinking,' representing the thinker. But because the “thinker” is themself a manifestation of ...
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Does activism naturally imply anti-intellectualism?

Does activism naturally implies anti-intellectualism? I have always been puzzled by the fact that when one wishes to attract people to one's political cause (as opposed to one's philosophical or ...
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Analogical reasoning without language

Can we performs analogical reasoning without language, and if so does that say anything about us? I think so: comparing the feeling in our gut from eating bad food to life at sea. Is that analogical ...
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2 answers

Instant Gratification and Self-Sabotage [closed]

I notice that I often engage in activities that provide instant gratification and not do the work I am supposed to do. (I need to learn to delay gratification) I also fall prey to obsessive ...
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4 answers

learning philosophy without guidance

I am a high schooler trying to grasp philosophy for i find value and meaning in this subject. However, learning philosophy without any guidance is an immensely difficult task. How can i aid my ...
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