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Does activism naturally imply anti-intellectualism?

Does activism naturally implies anti-intellectualism? I have always been puzzled by the fact that when one wishes to attract people to one's political cause (as opposed to one's philosophical or ...
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Analogical reasoning without language

Can we performs analogical reasoning without language, and if so does that say anything about us? I think so: comparing the feeling in our gut from eating bad food to life at sea. Is that analogical ...
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Instant Gratification and Self-Sabotage [closed]

I notice that I often engage in activities that provide instant gratification and not do the work I am supposed to do. (I need to learn to delay gratification) I also fall prey to obsessive ...
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learning philosophy without guidance

I am a high schooler trying to grasp philosophy for i find value and meaning in this subject. However, learning philosophy without any guidance is an immensely difficult task. How can i aid my ...
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