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Exploring the Concept of "No Mind" in Eastern Philosophy: An Inquiry into the Foundations and Implications

As an aspiring student of philosophy, I am deeply intrigued by the concept of "No Mind" prevalent in Eastern philosophical traditions, particularly in Zen Buddhism and Taoism. The notion of ...
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Are higher-order beings called by the divine in their actions? [closed]

It seems from observation that one of the hallmark signs of a higher being (one that is in close unity with the divine with respect to their actions and thoughts) is that they tend to have a ...
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Roles of sensibility, understanding and imagination in Kant's epistemology

According to Kantian epistemology, there are three falcuties of mind; sensibility, understanding and imagination. Unfortunately, the differentiation between these three are not totally sure to me so I ...
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Does the Platonic triad originate with Plato?

A Platonic triad of Good, True, and Beautiful is something I run into online and in popular philosophy books. For example: It's been ...
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Is Kant's Transcendent naturalistic?

Reading this article, I found the following: Kant is sympathetic to the dominant strain in modern philosophy that banishes final causes from nature and instead treats nature as nothing but matter ...
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