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Does the Transcendental Dialectic destroy science?

Long story short, probably the most remarkable contribution of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason is the notion that the subject plays an important role on the definition of the object. However, if the ...
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Can there be such a thing as pure a priori thinking?

Having read Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, and in fact just finishing a second read after some time, I've been trying to develop a suitable "worldview" about the structure of the mind. I ...
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To what extent is Nietzsche an "Idealist?"

I am well aware of Nietzsche's prolonged and often prolific critiques of what he referred to as "Idealism," yet I am curious as to the extent which two of his ideas in particular, namely ...
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What did Kant mean by "pure physics"?

Early in the Prolegomena, Kant says that both pure mathematics and pure physics are examples of a priori cognition. What exactly did he mean by "pure physics"?
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