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Is this a legitimate way to reframe structuralism in the philosophy of mathematics?

As an umbrella term, "structuralism" has to cover realist and nonrealist versions, while also carrying through the theme of its name nontrivially (for there is a trivial way to make ...
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When does a conditional statement hold true according to Dialetheists?

I understand that for the consequent to really follow from the antecedent, it (the consequent) must be both relevant and necessary given the antecedent. So my question is: which types of conditional ...
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1 answer

Semantic consequence and Sound Argument

Is that correct to say that semantic consequence is equivalent to the concept of sound argument in classical propositional logic? If it is the case, arguments or theories with contradictory premises ...
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Lewis's truth condition for counterfactuals

According to SEP, Lewis's theory of counterfactual conditionals defines truth for counterfactuals as follows: [...] the truth condition for the counterfactual “If A were (or had been) the case, C ...
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What is the difference between Law of Excluded Middle and Principle of Bivalence?

Law of Excluded Middle: In logic, the law of excluded middle (or the principle of excluded middle) is the third of the so-called three classic laws of thought. It states that for any proposition, ...
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Truth value for objects that are not included in definitions

Consider the statement "This triangle has radius 3" and the statement "This cat is a chihuahua". Both radius and chihuahua are terms defined for different kind of objects than the objects we are ...