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What is the difference between Law of Excluded Middle and Principle of Bivalence?

Law of Excluded Middle: In logic, the law of excluded middle (or the principle of excluded middle) is the third of the so-called three classic laws of thought. It states that for any proposition, ...
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What are the arguments of philosophers against the reasoning which justifies the horseshoe from truth-functionality?

There is a reasoning in mathematical logic which is meant to prove that the horseshoe is the only logical operation which fits our notion of conditional. The reasoning starts from the idea that the ...
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How can alethic nihilism be justified?

I read the article “On the Advantages of Believing that Nothing is True”. I just don't understand how someone can believe something is the case, but is not true. It's like saying you believe unmarried ...
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What is Alethic Nihilism?

I recently came across this reddit post: I think it has something to do with denying the truth predicate without denying the ...
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