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Questions tagged [truth-conditional-semantics]

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When does a conditional statement hold true according to Dialetheists?

I understand that for the consequent to really follow from the antecedent, it (the consequent) must be both relevant and necessary given the antecedent. So my question is: which types of conditional ...
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How would demi-conditionals work?

Let π’œ = an actuality operator and βˆšβ†’ be demi-if. Which, if any, of the following conversions would go through? π’œA βˆšβ†’ π’œB = βˆšπ’œA β†’ βˆšπ’œB π’œA βˆšβ†’ π’œB = βˆšπ’œA β†’ π’œB π’œA βˆšβ†’ π’œB = π’œA β†’ βˆšπ’œB π’œA βˆšβ†’ π’œB = √�...
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βˆšβ—Š (or generally √M, for whatever modal operator(s) M)

I tried Googling "demi-possibility demi-negation" and got nothing (just "demi-possibility" gave results mostly related to demisexuality). And my analysis of demi-negation didn't ...
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