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(philosophy of law) how broadly can statutes be interpreted by courts? [closed]

In constitutions and legal systems like that of America , Australia and India (and other states with separation of powers), if a statute has more than one possible interpretation, then can and should ...
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Do fuzzy/multi-sets pose their own problems of unrestricted quantification?

If one holds "too strongly" to axioms like powerset and separation, or proceeds naively with comprehension, one gets an inconsistent presentation of a universal set. However, those seem like ...
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4 answers

Do preceding events cause subsequent ones in a four-dimensionalist world?

I feel like this question has a good chance of having been asked here before, but the first ten-odd "similar questions" listed by the site when I composed the title didn't cover what I'm ...
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If multiple hypotheses can explain the same set of facts, is it possible to tell which one is ultimately true? [duplicate]

Given a set of observable facts, let's suppose that there are multiple hypotheses compatible with those facts that can explain them. Is there any way to tell which one of these hypotheses is ...
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Philosophy of science: Determinism and indeterminism in statistical methods of science

A variable is modeled as a random variable in a statistical model, often without reference to the question of whether it is random in reality. For example, when the outcome of a coin flip is modeled ...
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