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Should the circumstance for something that happens be decided before or afterwards? [closed]

Which is more approriate? When event E happens, determined by X,Y,Z, Input is turned into Output. Or When event E happens, Input is turned into Output, determined by X,Y,Z. Where determined by X,Y,Z ...
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What is the best philosophy joke you have heard [closed]

I am not talking about jokes about how poor philosophers are or how unpractical they are. But one of those jokes that really makes you think. And would be appropriate to tell in class. Interested to ...
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What do we mean by the term "Number of things"? [duplicate]

I am reading the book "The Number-System of Algebra (2nd edition)." I have some problems with the the first article: "Number". The author has confined the concept of number of things to the groups ...
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Did that rock just buy a pie? [closed]

Imagine a rock has become dislodged, rolling down a hill just on the outskirts of town. As it's rolling, it picks up an amount of money, which sticks to it. The rock has just enough momentum to roll ...
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