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Instrumentalist value theory. Is it morally nihilistic? Is it science?

I could not give a better name for this theory, so I call it "Instrumentalist value theory". According to this theory nothing is intrinsically valuable. Nothing and no one can be treated as ends, but ...
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Is "intrinsic value" an intelligible concept?

It's easy to talk in terms of things having intrinsic value, and it often sounds as though philosophers take it for granted that this is a coherent concept. But it seems to me that "to be ...
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Do Nietzsche's values justify some actions?

Do Nietzsche's values justify some actions? I'm asking because if so then my entirely trivial, or at least unfocused, appropriation of his ideas can be easily made more elegant, or at least more ...
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Initial/terminal values in a category of values (instead of intrinsic/final vs. extrinsic/instrumental values)

It seems as if the concept of intrinsic value is so unclear and/or unstable that we can't even tell whether (or when) it is transitiveT: First, there is the possibility that the relation of intrinsic ...
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Value from arbitrary restriction vs value from sharing

Let's take a simplifying example to illustrate two opposite worldviews: Some people see value in intangible things when access to these things is restricted as if sharing was leading to a value loss: ...
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Question about the relationship between matter and value

Seems most or all of our expressions of material things are stated in various values--36' long, 120 volts, .192mm diameter, etc. Does this suggest the possibility that matter is just value, i.e., ...
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Is Validity or Justification Always Valuable?

Although it is debatable that justification is a necessary or sufficient condition for knowledge, many philosophers make the claim that it is. African-American philosopher of culture Alain Locke ...
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Can there be a unidirectional value system?

I tried to make a point about language on another SE site and it flopped. So I realized that I was focusing on an idea of having two-valued assessment: good and bad. What if we did away with this ...
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