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Vedanta refers to the Indian Philosophy largely based upon commentaries on three principal scriptures of Bhagavad gītā, Brahma Sūtrās and The Canonical Upanishads.

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Idealism and Brain Lesion Research

How do idealists explain the predictable loss of function involved in brain lesion studies, or similarly, the predictable functions caused by stimulation of specific brain regions?
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Is ancient indian philosophy outdated?

I know in the West one would be taught Western philosophy but even here in India generally, the colleges and unis don't teach ancient Indian philosophy (yes there are exceptions like IITs but very few)...
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Is 'illusion' as viewed in indian philosophy founded on more fundamental concepts or experiences?

Concerning the concept of illusion of the world of common experience, as found in many systems of Indian philosophy, I am under the impression that it always comes as a "made-up" solution to ...
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Does anything exist outside present experience?

Is there any identifiable attribute to truth other than EXPERIENCE of it appearing to be true ? Is there any more ' truth ' to it ? Things we've believed to be true for millennia have been provided ...
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Vedānta in Kant

There are many similarities in Vedānta and the philosophy of Kant . What is the precise similarity between them?
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How can one interpret impenetrability in Schopenhauer?

In Schopenhauers Die Welt, he writes: How early again was this truth recognised by the wise men of India, appearing indeed as the fundamental tenet of the Vedanta philosophy as ascribed to Vyasa, ...
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Schopenhauer and Maya

Schopenhauer in Die Welt refers to the Vedanta in Die Welt; and in one specific passage he declares: 'It is Maya, the veil of deception, which blinds the eyes of mortals and makes them behold a ...