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Is it ethical to impose ethical values on others? [closed]

The question is motivated by reading the discussions on veganism: Is 'veganism' a settled issue in Philosophy and Ethics? Why is it okay to eat meat but not to be cruel to animals? While these threads ...
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Why is it okay to eat meat but not to be cruel to animals?

Why is eating meat allowed as a social setting ( Most people think it's not bad ) but not animal cruelty as a social setting ( Most people think it's bad )? Like: Imagine what would happen if someone ...
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The 'Strongest Argument for Veganism': Speciesism, ethics and necessity

The Effective Altruism Foundation provides the following as the 'Strongest Argument for Veganism'. (1) We shouldn’t be cruel to animals, i.e. we shouldn’t harm animals unnecessarily. (2) The ...
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Veganism: seeking responses to the 'Name the Trait' argument

The most powerful argument I've encountered for ethical veganism is known as 'Name the Trait'. Its most rigorous and recent iteration - as described by - runs as follows: P1) If ...
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Veganism and Cognitive dissonance

I had a recent discussion with a friend about the ethics and morality of veganism. I defined veganism as the following Minimising harm to animals to the maximal extent Some background information, ...
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Is there an alternative to moral objectivism/subjectivism?

In a recent article about veganism/reducetarianism I argue that morality, just like "tallness" or "baldness", is both objective and subjective. It is objective in the sense that, ...
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Is the killing of animals justified because of humans being at the top of the evolution/food chain?

I recently argued with a friend about veganism. My position was basically that everyone who can allow a dietery change in their lives ought to be vegan. I argued that these days there are sufficient ...
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Is the appeal to futility a logical error, fallacious?

I've heard though unreliable sources that it's the nirvana fallacy, list of logical fallacies: solutions to problems are rejected because they are not perfect. Although, this doesn't quite fit. I've ...
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The debate around moral veganism

There is an ongoing debate around morality of food habit. Of this debate I have only heard one side, the side of the moral vegans. Bentham, Singer and others propose veganism based on utilitarian ...
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Vegan ethics : purchase vs consumption

In a recent debate, we came to blows about whether or not it was immoral to eat meat. (I’m vegan so I’m surrounded by people who say it is). But I made the case that eating meat isn’t immoral. The ...
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Is 'veganism' a settled issue in Philosophy and Ethics?

I have been having discussions with some rather enthusiastic vegans who have a degree in philosophy, and they have been trying to convince me that it is a settled issue in ethics and philosophy that ...
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Why are these premises on vegetarianism "intuitive"?

I was reading the first answer in this thread which considers vegetarianism from a moral standpoint: An excuse for not being a vegetarian Is it ethical for human beings to eat meat? To consider ...
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