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Is there an alternative to moral objectivism/subjectivism?

In a recent article about veganism/reducetarianism I argue that morality, just like "tallness" or "baldness", is both objective and subjective. It is objective in the sense that, ...
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Is the killing of animals justified because of humans being at the top of the evolution/food chain?

I recently argued with a friend about veganism. My position was basically that everyone who can allow a dietery change in their lives ought to be vegan. I argued that these days there are sufficient ...
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Is the appeal to futility a logical error, fallacious?

I've heard though unreliable sources that it's the nirvana fallacy, list of logical fallacies: solutions to problems are rejected because they are not perfect. Although, this doesn't quite fit. I've ...
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The debate around moral veganism

There is an ongoing debate around morality of food habit. Of this debate I have only heard one side, the side of the moral vegans. Bentham, Singer and others propose veganism based on utilitarian ...
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Vegan ethics : purchase vs consumption

In a recent debate, we came to blows about whether or not it was immoral to eat meat. (I’m vegan so I’m surrounded by people who say it is). But I made the case that eating meat isn’t immoral. The ...
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Is 'veganism' a settled issue in Philosophy and Ethics?

I have been having discussions with some rather enthusiastic vegans who have a degree in philosophy, and they have been trying to convince me that it is a settled issue in ethics and philosophy that ...
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Why are these premises on vegetarianism "intuitive"?

I was reading the first answer in this thread which considers vegetarianism from a moral standpoint: An excuse for not being a vegetarian Is it ethical for human beings to eat meat? To consider ...
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