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In the "philosophy of action" what is the difference between an "intention" and a "volition"

Reading about the philosophy of action here, I am finding it difficult to distinguish between the two. What is meant by intention and how is it ...
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What qualifies as a volition? Are unconsious acts (walking) volitions? Are things like our heartbeat a volition?

As the title says, I'm not quite sure what exactly qualifies as a volition. Some sources say that volition must be conscious, so that makes me wonder if things like habits, which are unconscious ...
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Decision and volition: Can an act ever be voluntary in the absence of a decision to perform it?

Note: 'Act' here = 'A thing done'. Imagine two acts: The act of deciding to drink. The act of drinking. Suppose the decision to drink (Act 1) is involuntary. Is there any mechanism by which ...
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