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Decision and volition: Can an act ever be voluntary in the absence of a decision to perform it?

Note: 'Act' here = 'A thing done'. Imagine two acts: The act of deciding to drink. The act of drinking. Suppose the decision to drink (Act 1) is involuntary. Is there any mechanism by which ...
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How does the phenomenal will feature in Heidegger?

How does 'phenomenal will' feature in Heidegger? I mean the sense that you are initiating actions. I'm asking because I'm unsure whether this can be manifest except in the present the dimensionality ...
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What is the difference between "actus elicitus" and "actus imperatus"?

I have encountered the distinction between actus elicitus and actus imperatus, in the context of the will, in St. Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologica I-II q. 1 a. 1 ("Whether it belongs to man to ...
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Can a decision be something other than voluntary or involuntary?

I am attempting to construct an argument against free will. An early objection has been raised, to the very first premise: 1. Decisions may be either voluntary or involuntary. In Human Nature: the ...
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Why does Schopenhauerian "Will" appear as the Representation(s) that it does?

I believe that Schopenhauer is the closest to describing true reality - at least as far as I have currently developed my thoughts. But if reality-in-itself is pure Will (or what you might call an ...
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Should a state decide for the good of the population against their will? [closed]

Here is a hypothetical situation. There is a project only the state can handle. This project, if it is made, will have a positive impact for everyone. If it is not made, the current situation will not ...
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