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What are some examples of modern, non-academic philosophy questions? [closed]

Here are some ancient philosophy questions that the Ancient Greeks posed: How many grains of sand make up a pile? If you take a ship, replace its parts (starboard, stern, oars, etc...) one-by-one ...
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The older, the smarter. Is the wisdom of time a scientifically proven fact or just human prejudices?

For example, physicists, engineers, computer scientists don't care much about ancient studies and don't mind throwing away older theories and research. Yet, in philosophy and religious studies, we ...
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What is the difference between wisdom and clarity?

I am asking this question here because wisdom is related to philosophy. I want to know, is wisdom the same as seeing things clearly? Or is there a difference between wisdom and clarity? If so, what is ...
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Aristotle's virtue

In NE 1.7 1098a15, Aristotle claims that "human good turns out to be activity of soul exhibiting virtue, and if there are more than one virtue, in accordance with the best and most complete."...
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All I know is that I know nothing. Does this statement of Socrates still resonate in modern philosophy?

Regardless of attribution, this could be interpreted as profound wisdom or a suggestion that things are ultimately unknowable. It certainly seems to indicate humility. Does any of this still hold true ...
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Is philosophy the pursuit of wisdom? [closed]

What is philosophical discourse? What fundamental principles are involved?
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What terminology distinguishes questions that define goals from those that accomplish them?

I will soon give a technical talk in which I want to stress the importance of asking the right questions. I propose to use a philosophical analogy; comparing the questions "How do I live a good ...
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