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Did Marx ever consider that some work alienation is inevitable for the greater good of society?

Not everyone can be a cutting edge researcher or a successful singer/song writer. Some people are bound to be stuck in jobs they don't like, and which don't allow for any form of self-fulfillment. ...
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Reference Format to Aristotle Book

I came across a reference to the work of Aristotle "Metaphysics". The reference is: Met. I.3 983b6–18 Here I can comprehend few parts of this reference which are 1: Met. stands for Metaphysics, the ...
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What do we gain from our labors? [closed]

"Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. "Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless. What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun?" What do we ...
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Must people be employed to have dignity and self-worth?

I have heard all my life about how people would not have self-worth without being employed, and they would become depressed or just do unhealthy things. I read a Sci-fi story about AI where ultimately,...
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Arendt : What is the main and intrisic purpose of diffferentiating between "labor" and "work"?

I started reading The Origins of Totalitarianism ( sorry no original book can not be inked to ) since I personally thought this book is explaining the current condition world wide today perhaps ...
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Is there injustice in division of labour?

The division of labour is a "micro-level" as well as a societal phenomenon. It means that different individuals are "coerced" into doing different parts of larger projects and that the labour is ...
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Which philosophers have left sucessful academic careers to pursue other work?

I'm looking for (names of) philosophers who had successful careers in academia but, for whatever set of reasons, chose to leave and pursue work outside of academia, even if only temporarily. For this ...
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Help to explain the meaning of work beyond the sole purpose of making money

My brother is obsessed with money and I feel like the sole reason he works is to make money, I think in your work you should aim for goals of higher value ie. not only should you earn money but your ...
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Has anyone discussed the computerisation of democracy?

Has anyone discussed the computerisation of democracy? I read that a lot of middle class jobs are going to go missing soon, due to technological progress. Does that include government roles, such ...
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Would Karl Marx have been for or against workers having the choice to work from home?

I have been wondering lately if Karl Marx would have been for or against workers having the choice to work from home. I only have a general knowledge of who Karl Marx was and about his overall ...
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Where does philosopher work, and what does he do on a normal work day? [closed]

I am programmer I sit in front of PC and produce web systems (in a nutshell). Where does philosopher work and what does philosopher do in his work place? Update: Teaching others does not count, as it ...
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Is it correct to say that all work is only an instrumental value and therefore it matters not whether or not someone can do it?

Another follow up Q to this series: If all work is automated, what will humans be able to do? Do humans need some agency over the world around them for their lives to have some sense or purpose? It'...
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References regarding pragmatic views of philosophy of worklife

I am looking for references regarding pragmatic views of philosophy of work and worklife.
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How should you live when you have options?

If you have the opportunity to earn money easily (for example just doing dropshipping, or selling oil reserve) which requires less self control and discipline. And the other is by doing difficult job (...
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Under what conditions is work alienated?

Why, for Marx, is alienation a condition of work under capitalism? I´ve been reading Marx's texts and I don't understand why.
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