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Slavoj Žižek (1949 - ) is a Slovenian philosopher.

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Can Zizek's big Other be seen as a collective form of "bad faith"?

I refer to this question to define the big Other for Zizek. Couldn't the big Other be seen as what enforces the mauvaise foi (what makes us behave like we have no choice to avoid existential dread), ...
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What does Zizek mean?

He says firstly: There is thus no need to post a magic "downward" causality, the ability of "higher" ideal (Dennet: "design") processes to causally determine the "...
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How can Schelling’s philosophy as a whole be characterized?

F. W. J. Schelling’s thought is undergoing an exciting renaissance and reawakening today, which has caused a reconsideration of German Idealism and his influence on the thought of Marx, Freud, Bergson,...
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How has Foucault and post modernism in general become the dominant lense of analysis in Western Academia and how do Hegelians and others oppose that?

I have read of the strong impact of Foucault (the most cited author ?) and post-modernist lenses in particular in Academia. From Edward Said's Orientalism to Spivak's work (which even doe was a ...
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Can there be a Nietzschean Will to Power when our subonscious affects our desires which are dictated by ideology as Zizek points out?

Does nietzsche argue there is free will ? how can he simultaneously claim our desire is affected by the subconscious and also claim that we must figure those out and assert our will when Zizek ...
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