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, and much better predictions can be made by assuming the opposite, change and non-uniformity. The trick is to tell which is when, that is the real problem of induction. As outlined by Hume and … there are finitely many types of induction) or lead to infinite regress (if there are infinitely many). Norton's Material Theory of Induction has a nice review of the current state of the issue. A …
answered Dec 8 '16 by Conifold
It might fall under slothful induction, the lesser known antonym of hasty generalization, but it is not exactly specific to citing exceptions: "Slothful induction is a logical fallacy in which an … inductive argument is denied its proper conclusion in spite of strong evidence. While skepticism is valuable, a slothful induction occurs when someone falls into pseudoskepticism and demands an …
answered Mar 28 '17 by Conifold
inference to the best explanation" corresponds approximately to what others have called "abduction," the method of hypothesis," "hypothetic inference," "the method of elimination," "eliminative induction … Peirce's attempt to codify the "logic of science", see SEP's Deduction, Induction, and Abduction in Peirce: "Prior to about 1865, thinkers on logic commonly had divided arguments into two subclasses: the …
answered Sep 18 '17 by Conifold
advantage of (formal) deduction is that at least we know that it is always truth preserving, even if we can not justify it. Induction, on the other hand, sometimes works and sometimes does not. So the … Dummett on how deduction compares to induction on semantic approach: "The situation is thus the reverse of what seems to be the case with induction. In the case of induction, we appear to have a …
answered Dec 15 '17 by Conifold
induction) can not be necessary. Of course, syllogistic is a pretty weak system of logic, by which not much can be deduced even in elementary mathematics, and conceivability and uniformity are pretty … , the "uniformity" itself can not be too uniform because induction does not apply universally, and it is unclear which aspects are supposed to be "uniform", and which are not. The entire concept dissolves …
answered Oct 20 '17 by Conifold