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Where does Thomas Aquinas give this definition of beauty?

I believe you are looking for Summa Theologica, First Part, Question 5, Article 4, Reply to Objection 1. In the Benziger translation (1920) the passage reads: Beauty and goodness in a thing are ...
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Is there such a thing as objective beauty?

Beauty (sensu amplissimo) is, from a biological standpoint, that which gets selected. A looking glass reveals to us what has been chosen, which is reflection symmetry/bilateral symmetry. Scientific ...
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Psychology of innovation

The rationale for granting intellectual property rights under the US Constitution is to promote progress in science and the useful arts. That seems like the capitalist thing to do: to allocate rights ...
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How much knowledge is based in aesthetic virtues like 'elegance'?

Both 'elegance' and 'intuition' can be measures for how we claim to know things. There are three broad ideas at play here: 'Elegance' as you construe it feels less like an aesthetic claim and more ...
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