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Can art be rated objectively?

1.Is it intentional? An accident, no matter it's beauty, cannot be considered an artistic product, though it has no bearing on whether it is beautiful, valued, etc. 2. Is it original? Not quite as ...
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Is courage the victory of the beautiful over the sublime?

It is, if a philosopher says it is. On the other hand, it isn't if another philosopher says it isn't. By this I mean that there is no "right answer" to that question, especially since Kant ...
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Can moral theories be "elegant" or beautiful or sublime?

Morals have to move us. This is the is-ought distinction. We cannot purely reason our way into our morality from what is, we have to be driven by a feeling of how we ought to behave, how we want to ...
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Can moral theories be "elegant" or beautiful or sublime?

Yes. Why not? I read a paper some time ago by an author claiming to be an expert on Spinoza's philosophy. In this paper there was an assertion: "Spinoza published no theory of aesthetics." I ...
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