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Is Aquinas's "act is the principle of action" a tautology?

No. Aquinas is not a nominalist but a metaphysical realist. As an Christian aristotlean, Aquinas is true to the empirical by holding that "nothing is in the intellect which is first not in the ...
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Where in Aristotle's Metaphysics is Aquinas citing his claim about "two sorts of operations"?

It seems that your proposal is the right one; 1050a24: "And while in some cases the exercise is the ultimate thing (e.g. in sight the ultimate thing is seeing, and no other product besides this ...
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Where does Thomas say this?

I believe you are looking for Summa Theologica, First Part, Question 5, Article 4, Reply to Objection 1. In the Benziger translation (1920) the passage reads: Beauty and goodness in a thing are ...
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