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What are the main terms and their (relatively) proper definitions that a beginner in metaphysics/philosophy should know of?

As I understand, you ask about the basic vocabulary in philosophy. IMO some of the most important terms are the following: Ontological, epistemic, a priori, analytic, transcendent, infinite, referent ...
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How to teach people hypothetical 'what if' scenarios and how to deal with them

the difficulty/inability of some people with hypothetical reasoning is not much a matter of philosophy as it is of psychology and cognition, and there's a bit of research about it, from the super ...
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Is there a logical fallacy to identity politics?

The most obvious logical fallacies relied upon in identity-based arguments are the Ad Hominem, appeal to popularity, and appeal to authority. The Ad Hominem is committed by attacking the opponent as &...
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Is it a valid argument?

The answer from Sofie Selnes is right. You can obey all the rules of logic in the argument, but if you have bad axioms, the conclusion can be questioned.
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