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Is obedience necessary for friendship?

"You are my friends, if you do the things that I command you." Surely friendship implies partnership and not the hierarchical relationship implied by issuing commands. So issuing commands is ...
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Thomas of Aquino vs. William of Ockham

It wasn't just the apostate William OckHam who justly condemned the apostate Thomas Aquinas and also the apostate AntiPope "John XXII" for (1) simonizing the Papacy in 1316 (2) ...
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How to understand Prime matter?

Energy This so-called Prime matter lines up with the abstract physical concept of energy. You cannot see 5 joules on its own. But you can see 5 joules of kinetic energy when an apple falls. Or the ...
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How to understand Prime matter?

The philosophic concept of "prime matter" does not exist in the field of physics. This means that it does not exist in the real world out there. This means that the concept of prime matter ...
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How to understand Prime matter?

from the OP's link, page 636 whenever there is a form there must also be some matter that serves as its subject. On this conception, there will often be hierarchies of matter, with the most basic ...
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In what sense is the polis/city self-sufficient for St. Thomas Aquinas?

St. Thomas mentions "necessaries of life" (necessaria vitæ) in 91 places of his works. De regno lib. 2 mentions some of these necessaries, that cities "should have wholesome air" (...
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