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Some people do not see how a computer could ever generate qualia, and hence believe that computers cannot be conscious. Here is an attempt to make that argument more precise. (In the below, by understanding "in principle" I mean that there is nothing fundamentally in the way of understanding it, though we may have to engage in some nontrivial logical ...


"We are all atheists, some of us just go one god further." Richard Dawkins As has been pointed out, historical texts are not sufficient proof for belief in a deity. If it were, there would still be worshippers of Greek and Egyptian gods, since records of those predate Muslim and Christian texts (probably Jewish ones as well, but I can't recall). The ...


Premise is : Atheism and Theism are both faith based positions. And, the question is Would it be incorrect to claim that both atheism and theism are positions based on faith? The problem with us, ie., Humans is that we create complex theories, and try at length to solve them. Let me put it in a simple manner. There are some fruits hanging from the branch ...


I can think of a few notable atheist philosophers of religion and the arguments they're famous for formulating/refining: John Schellenberg presents the argument for divine hiddenness in Divine Hiddenness and Human Reason, arguing that the existence of non-resistant non-belief counts as evidence against a God that cares about us personally, since God could ...


To obtain a refutation one needs a logical argument. One area where logical arguments appear against the existence of God is in the problem of evil. Assume as premises the following: God is omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent. Evil exists. The expected conclusion is that these two statements are somehow contradictory. One or both of them have to be ...


I should think that an atheist would spend their last days consoling their loved ones who will be left behind. The atheist will be dead, and will therefore have no more awareness. Their loved ones, who will remain alive, are the ones who will suffer.

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