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Well of COURSE logic has some part mathematical but not all like mathematical that mathematics can not reduce it in tautology as in Witgensteins LOGİC.


As a matter of terminology, some logicians use 'tautology' as a synonym for a logical truth, while others restrict it to logical truths of the propositional calculus. I shall use the more general term logical truth. For a given logic, such as classical logic, a logical truth is a proposition that comes out true under all circumstances, or all interpretations,...


Wittgenstein was reviving Kant's old view that logical deduction only brings out what is implicitly thought in the premises. Of course, Kant had in mind Aristotle's term logic, which is roughly equivalent to the logic of one place predicates (monadic predicate calculus) in modern terms, and Wittgenstein had in mind Boole's logic of propositions (classes), ...


This scene seems to imply that Russell didn't view logic as tautologies. Correct. Wittgenstein's view about "logic=tautologies" was grounded on propositional logic and truth table. Unfortunately, truth table is not applicable to predicate logic and thus valid predicate logic formulas are not tautologies in the propositional sense. In addition, ...

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