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From Russel's Mysticism and Logic Introduction Metaphysics has been developed, from the first, by the union and conflict of two very different human impulses, the one urging men towards mysticism, the other urging them towards science. Some men have achieved greatness through one of these impulses alone, others through the other alone: in Hume, for ...


I watched a video of senior college students grapple with Aristotle's ideas and expressions. Their common underlying theme seem to be a trying very hard to ascertain what Aristotle was actually saying. Some of his philosophy is clear and common, and in agreement with most other well known philosophers. But a good bit of it is convoluted or ambiguous.


With further searching I found the answer in Hugh S. Moorhead's The Meaning of Life, page 164-165. The quote comes from a letter to Hugh Moorhead from Bertrand Russell on January 10, 1952. Moorhead had sent various authors, including Russell, a copy of one of their books asking them to autograph the book with an answer to the question: What is the meaning ...

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