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What is causation?

The universe follows certain behavioral patterns that we can't directly express, because we don't know its internals. However, we have discovered certain rules that fit natural behavior, if and only ...
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What is causation?

Causality as a fundamental property of (physical) reality is a misconception of logos. What we witness as causality in the physical layer is just the manifestation of logos as a serialized (in time) ...
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Is the principle of cause and effect bound to material?

They are bound exclusively to CHANGE. And change can be material but recently also virtual(computer simulation). Cause and effect or shorter Causality is one of four modes of sufficient Reason which ...
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Reference request for texts on causation

Causality and Scientific Explanation (1972) vol. Medieval and Early Classical Science Classical and Contemporary Science by the historian and philosopher of science and Galileo expert William A. ...
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Does ontological commitment to unobservables in science give one ontological commitment to causality?

If you understand ontological commitment to unobservables as quantifying over objects that are unobservables, as under Quine's criterion of ontological commitment, then no, because to articulate ...
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