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Your reasoning is wrong: God - from the past - could maybe have the power to DIRECTLY OBSERVE in the future what happens. His knowledge of the future - and omniscience - could be obtained also by means of this power. This kind of observation has of course no influence whatsoever on one's actions. If free will exists, it certainly remains unaffected by a God'...


Since the article is describing Chrysippus rejection of the idle argument against fatalism claiming that all of the actions, including consulting the doctor, as "co-fated" the final sentence, cited by the OP, seems to be agreeing with Chrysippus' position when it claims because it fails to consider that those fated to recover may be those fated to consult ...


Determinism is ruled by determinism if the premise holds. If Determinism was ruled by something else, then not "everything" is ruled by determinism (determinism itself being one example), and thus the premise would be falsified. Of course one could try fixing this like: "If everything except determinism was ruled by determinism..." But then, assuming there ...

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