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Can Hume’s views on induction and on miracles be reconciled?

We are encouraged to answer our own questions and to share our research. So I would like to share my thoughts on the question after the very helpful discussion of it. When I asked the question, I ...
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Top-down vs bottom-up approaches in science?

Science is presented as this orderly thing with inescapable conclusions. But it is certainly not done that way. That is only the way the story is told to impress people the scientists are trying to ...
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How does one consciously know if a reason is valid for believing in something?

As others have pointed out "validity" is actually a technical term in the realm of deductive reasoning. And it essentially just means that you can draw a conclusion from it's premises. So ...
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Are the arguments of the Critique of Pure Reason still considered?

Chomsky's thought has also been compared to Kant. I find that reading Kant helps me better understand successive philosophers, e.g., Wittgenstein, Quine, ...
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Does epistemology = logic?

Epistemology, as the study of knowledge, would then involve the study of proper justification, or in other words the study of proper justifying, that is, proper reasoning. Hence, logic would be a sub-...
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Is it possible for it to be good to do evil? Evil to do good?

It is possible. Thats what they call greater good. If you inject your child with some antidote then the action of putting a needle inside a child (hurting them, altough nowadays they don't hurt as ...
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Is there any way for me to know if I exist, as such, do I exist?

How could you respond to my post without existing?
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Why Are Physical Observations Mathematical?

Let me emphasize that this is not necessarily the case with all laws, for example Newton's Second Law "F=ma," where we define the force to be the product of mass and acceleration, there is ...
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Can Hume’s views on induction and on miracles be reconciled?

I'll give a modern take on reconciling them that I can't promise is rooted in anything Hume himself clarified for the benefit of any reader who might critique him as you have. On the one hand, Hume ...
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