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To answer the question as posed in the title: The invention of the thermal inkjet principle (a highly specialized domain!) was done almost simultaneously by scientists at Canon and Hewlett-Packard in the early 1980s- so yes, it is not impossible for this to occur. I cannot address any of the other questions in the body of your posting here.


Often people who attain expertise in a certain field have a certain stature and authority and this gives them a platform. Often people are then interested their opinion in matters related closely or tangentially to that field or even further afield if they have a media presence. For example, a cosmologist working on exoplanets might be asked about the James ...


If we go down to the philosophical level, what we're dealing with is the issue of class inclusion, and it's a thorny subject. Think of it as these three tendencies: The tendency to restrict class inclusion on frivolous or tangential grounds, creating an unnecessary bias. 'No True Scotsman' is an informal fallacy (rhetorical ploy) when it restricts the ...


Short Answer Attacking the opponent directly is clearly ad hominem. The more specific question is 'is there a sub-type such that snobbery is a key characterization?'. According to WP, this may qualify as an appeal to motive since by characterizing the opponent as elitist or snobbish, one is purporting to speak to the motive of the critic instead of the ...

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