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Assuming philosophical zombies are possible, could one zombie have an inverted spectrum while the rest do not?

The p-zombie thought experiment explores the empiricist claim that consciousness is nothing more than its empirical footprint. To appear conscious is to be conscious. This idea was explored by the ...
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Would the alleged nonexistence of qualia imply that it is meaningless to say that what I call "red" could be what you call "blue"?

No, regardless of what theories any philosopher might put forward to explain our sense impressions- whether you consider them to be illusions, hypotheses, qualia, incoherent concepts etc- the fact ...
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Who first came up with heterophenomenology, and when?

Daniel Dennet first came up with the explicit construction of heterophenomenology in 1982 (Dennet, 1982). It's his analysis of the way in which consciousness can be studied in parallel to Husserlian ...
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