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Origins of the syntactic form for rules of inference in modern presentations

As per comments above, the modern use is due to Hilbert's school. Gerhard Gentzen, Über die Existenz unabhängiger Axiomensysteme zu unendlichen Satzsystemen (1932) derived it from Paul Hertz, Über ...
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What are the possible ways to symbolically represent entities, within formal logic?

The sense of idea of ἄτομον, translated into Latin as individuum, that is, what we get by individuation is so primordial for us that it is uniformly an invariable constituent of thought and language (...
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What logics/philosophies deny the law of excluded middle (LEM)?

Beyond True and False - Graham Priest The Logic of Buddhist Philosophy https://aeon.co/essays/the-logic-of-buddhist-philosophy-goes-beyond-simple-truth Let’s start by turning back the clock. It is ...
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