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Dictionary The philisophical discussion of what knowledge is and is not has already been established to such a degree that we now have a dictionary definition and universal agreement on what defines knowledge. Basically, knowledge comes down to knowing things, such as facts and information. The quote from the online dictionary below even farther elaborates ...


Knowledge is a rational belief. A belief is rational if you can explain (to yourself) why your belief is true. An explanation is only valid if it is rooted in the belief in objective reality as its first premise. In other words, knowledge is what we believe to be objectively true. Sounds simple, but there is a catch. Unfortunately, no one can be told what ...


The best book I've read to get a deep grasp from an introductory starter level is Lewis Wolpert's "The Unnatural Nature of Science." Buy used--it is going at a real premium new the last time I looked. He just passed away January 28 of this year at age 93.


All of the sciences that use math to make predictions about the outcomes of experiments require precise measurement and the use of statistics to distinguish between an outcome explicable by random chance and one which contains a signal (the prediction). The case of Foucault's pendulum is a demonstration of a principle, in which the human eye is the judge, ...

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