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What amount of egoism is natural, even necessary, even moral?

I don't think you can put a quantity on it. In general, how much benevolence or courage is necessary to live a moral or happy life? The question is absurd. You can look at instances where a lack of ...
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Need help interpreting chapter 9 from the first essay of the Genealogy of Morals

"But why do you talk of nobler ideals? Let us submit to the facts; that the people have triumphed—or the slaves, or the populace, or the herd, or whatever name you care to give them—if this has ...
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Why was Nietzsche misunderstood?

Did the Nazi's misunderstand Nietzsche, or did they understand himself too well? Consider aphorism 872 from his Will to Power: The great majority of men have no right to life, and serve only to ...
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